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About preschool

Bright Start Montessori is a preschool that offers a child-centered and holistic approach to early years education. However, their website was outdated and did not reflect their values or benefits. The owner wanted to update their website to attract more parents and showcase their unique features.

The problem

The old website had several issues that made it hard for parents to find useful information and decide if this preschool was suitable for their child:

  • The navigation was inconsistent, with only few pages that were not clear.

  • The content was poor and formal, with no images or videos to illustrate the preschool’s environment or activities.

  • The main advantages of the preschool, such as the Nature School, the Montessori method, and the qualified staff were not highlighted.

  • The website did not have a clear call to action or a way for parents to contact the preschool easily.

These issues resulted in low parent satisfaction and engagement, as well as fewer inquiries and enrollments.

My role

As a UX/UI designer, I performed the following tasks to improve the website:

  • I conducted user interviews with 5 parents who were looking for a preschool for their child. I asked them about their goals, needs, preferences, and pain points when choosing a preschool. I also asked them to rate the old website on various aspects such as usability, aesthetics, trustworthiness, etc.

  • I updated the navigation structure and aligned the content with the parents’ needs and the business’ goals. I added more pages, and grouped them into 5 main categories: Home, About Preschool, Admission, Useful Information and Contact Us. I also added a clear call to action on important pages that invited parents to schedule a tour or request more information.

  • I redesigned the main screens for web and mobile versions using Figma. I followed a modern style that matched the preschool’s brand identity. I used bright colors, playful fonts, and illustrations to create a friendly and inviting atmosphere. I also added more images and videos that showed the preschool’s facilities, staff, and activities.

  • I proposed a conversational style for the content and created “voice” guidelines. I used simple and positive language that spoke directly to the parents and addressed their questions and concerns. I also emphasized the main benefits of the preschool using headings, photos, and testimonials.

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The expected results

The redesigned website expected to achieve the following results:

  • Parent satisfaction increased according to a prototype testing that measured parents' perception of the website prototype on various aspects such as usability, aesthetics, trustworthiness, etc.

  • The preschool’s main advantages will be promoted on the website. During prototype testing parents reported that they felt more informed and confident about choosing Bright Start Montessori for their child.

  • Enrollment inquiries will increase.

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